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Service Fee Schedule

Monthly subscription fee to maintain database $ 29.95

5-Year Investigation

5 year Investigation Reports based on references contained in application plus all additional information we may have on file (plus phone number charge) $ 29.75
Missing, illegible or incorrect phone numbers $ 1.50
Average cost for a 5 year investigated report after credits $22 - 24


Copy of History Report already on file $ 18.50
To update History Report listed above, due to insufficient or out-of-date information $ 11.25
Individual reference through web site - to a maximum charge of $29.75 $ 6.50
Drug Results from previous employers $ 9.50
Exit Interview on terminated drivers $ 17.50

Credit Rate Schedule

Complete a termination report anytime a driver leaves (for whatever reason).
This should be done as it occurs. Once a driver has been terminated, refrain from giving references to other carriers - we do it at no cost to you. This tells us where these drivers are applying and your reference is now covered under our Errors & Omissions insurance.
If you are a member with us you can fill this out online
Completed Termination reports $5.50
After you have requested a Driver Investigation Report from us, we would like to know if that Driver was Hired or Not Hired based on that report. We offer a $1.00 credit for this information.
If you are a member with us you can fill this out online
Applications investigated by Bureau - Hired or Not Hired and you advised us $1.00
For a possible total of: $ 6.50
When you receive your invoice, you will also receive a list of drivers we investigated for the month.
Check off those drivers who were hired and not hired and fax back for another credit. This helps in tracking.


PDB 2010 Inc. - Effective November 1, 2010