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Exchange information on Canada's only nation-wide database

For only $29.95 per month you are invited to:
  • Terminate all your drivers and owner operators to PDB for credit and use it against the cost of obtaining information from the database.

  • PDB will do references to other carriers on your behalf at no cost to you. We take the responsibility for released information and break the link between you and the employee.

You will receive referrals from other carrier members at a cost of $6.50 when doing your own investigations.
  • You will be eligible to take advantage of numerous credits
    (terminations, unwanted applications and hired/not hired listings).

  • If a driver requests to see what information has been collected and/or reported about him/her, you can refer him/her to PDB. We will make the information available and take responsibility for what is reported.

  • Cross-reference PDB's database for an average cost of $5.50 per driver
    (after credits).

  • As a basic member, you can also have PDB do a 5-year investigation on potential new-hire applications, for an average cost of $24.00
    (after credits).